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We believe that marketing can and will be automated. We believe we can create robots and intelligence tools that will speed up all the marketing processes for its stakeholders: businesses, agencies and industry specialists.

We believe that marketing consists of patterns that can become globally accessible. We believe we can create an AI Marketing Assistant. We believe that we can simplify and speed up the work of marketing and creative field and the specialists can focus on exploring their new potentials.

Brand API

Whether you are planning to create an online marketing product yourself or developing a project for the creative industry, we are offering an API to our global brand database. This database includes more than 20 global brand assets from around the world.

Brand Hunter Platform

We have created an online search platform that includes more than 9 000 000 global brands and their assets. You can browse any brand’s full profile that includes assets like logo, colors, fonts, slogans, advertising, email marketing and so on. You can also compare competitor brands in one industry based on each brand asset.

Text Hunter

Whether you are a UX designer presenting a new website design to a client, or a copywriter that needs to come up with a new slogan strategy for its brand, you need real texts from related industry. We are offering the largest slogan database that can help you better sell your product.

Event Planner

If you are planning a public event in your local space, in just a few seconds you can get a full event plan according to your preferences and infrastructure to be used.

Idea Box

The first and biggest idea database of marketing and communication campaigns from successful global brands around the world to help you promote your company and products.

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